Val di Non celebrates apple trees in full blossom! 

From April 6th to May 5th 2019

April is a magical month in Val di Non!

Why, you may ask?

Val di Non becomes a stage upon which the blossoming apple trees outshine everything else for the entire month!

A unique spectacle if there ever was one.


Don’t miss out on this magical event which occurs every spring!

Surround yourself with the shifting colours of awakening nature,

walk among the apple orchards, taking in their heady, luxuriant scent!


Get ready for a succession of events under this year’s theme: Aprile Dolce Fiorire (April in Blossom).

The entire month will be dedicated to spring and apple trees!


April 13th - 14th 2019

Mollaro di Predaia (TN)

The event which celebrates spring and blossoming in Val di Non! Workshops for all ages, guided tours and countryside walks, food tastings and live performances following the overarching theme... because even the tallest tree starts as a tiny flower!


April 28th 2019

Tassullo di Ville d'Anaunia (TN)

A competitive and non-competitive march among the blossoming apple orchards in Val di Non. Tassullo is ready to welcome you with an abundance of nature, art, historical castles and typical food.


For further information in English


please contact the Touristic Board of Val di Non:


info@visitvaldinon.it - +39 0463 830133



Apt Val di Non - tel. 0463 830133 - info@visitvaldinon.it


Strada della Mela - tel. 366 2091556 - info@stradadellamela.com


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