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Agritur Il Tempo delle Mele | Samoclevo di Caldes

A breath of joy and liveliness, to let you experience and learn about the real life of our farmhouse. A timeless place, to savor all the most authentic pleasures of the mountains: the kingdom of apple orchards and the different types of the main fruit of the area. A pleasant walk among the apple trees in bloom in the company of Fabiana who will accompany you on this journey. At the end you will enjoy juice, cakes and local products.

What won't you forget about this experience?

The secrets of farmer's life 

Perfect experience for those who are curious to learn about life on a farm


When: Friday 26th April | 2.30pm

Meeting point: Agritur Il Tempo delle Mele | Provincial Road, 65 - Samoclevo di Caldes

Duration: 2 and a half hours

Cost: € 25 (including visit and tasting)

Info and reservations required (within the previous day):

Tel. +39 347 9558401

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